Who is Brandon Myst

It definitely isn't a story of wild tales and thrilling adventures, but here it is. I am a blind musician from Louisiana. My instruments of choice are guitar and keyboards. I've been playing guitar for about ten years now and keyboards four. I have a Yamaha keyboard and also a Lotus electric guitar. I use Sonar for recording, as well as Sound Forge for those editing touch-ups a song might need. Recording is something that interests me greatly. Even though it can be tedious, it's fun to be able to play around with sounds and come out with an amazing creation. As you can tell from my favorite links page, I also enjoy playing computer games quite a bit. I mostly play online games like muds, but also really like playing offline games such as Judgment Day and Tank Commander.

Even though I haven't done much of it in years, I also like to write short stories and poetry. I have self-published a couple of short books. These books need work however so that is why I haven't advertised them here. Eventually I will get around to writing again. I enjoy the winter season the most. There is no winter here or very little of it, so I'm told that's why I am so fascinated by it. One day I'll see for myself, hopefully. Summer is good for swimming and that's about it.

musical influences

Genres include 1980's new wave, jazz, new age and atmospheric, Christmas music, experimental, psychedelic, noise, and anything that catches my ear. The above listed bands are nowhere near all the bands I listen too. It's just a narrow overview.