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Celebrating 23 years of providing high quality text based internet access!

You want Linux shell accounts? We got em.
You want alpine, lynx, elinks, mutt, ircii, ssh, and lots, lots more? Then you've come to the right place.

But who wants text based internet access these days? It's not the 1980s, after all.

Many people, from developers; to computer geeks (we are, so we can say that); to people who have philosophical objections to the large info tech monopolies of Microsoft, Google, and Apple; and to some blind people who don't find that they need graphics in their lives. These are just a few of the categories of users who prefer having a text based experience of the internet, at least some of the time.

When Ken Scott originally created Shellworld in the year 2000, it was primarily to serve the internet access needs of the blind community, who preferred to, or had to, use text based tools for accessing the Internet.
First through dialup connections, later through telnet, and now through remote secure protocols such as ssh, we still provide high quality access to shell accounts to anyone who wants one, whether blind or sighted.

Through our parent company, Open Source Systems, we also provide custom web and application hosting, Python and other kinds of development services, and customized automation solutions.

If you want a shell account, or want to find out if we can bring our specific set of skills to your scripting and automation projects, please email us at support (at) shellworld (dot) net.

The Shellworld Team

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